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Say bon voyage and sail away into scrapbooking simplicity with the Travel Log Fast2Fab™ Bundle! This travel scrapbook DIY kit comes complete with everything you need to create a beautiful album quickly. It includes a commanding Black Forest album cover featuring a world map design on the front and back cover, 16 predesigned pages with travel-themed icons like maps, compasses and planes, a Tape Runner and a Black Dual-Tip Pen to journal your adventures. For sharing souvenirs such as plane tickets, train stubs, receipts and small photos, you’ll love the Travel Log Pocket Embellishments (NEW to CM!). These chic paper pockets feature globe-trotting designs that coordinate with the Travel Log collection and come in five unique sizes to accommodate your special memorabilia. You’ll love this bundle for making albums for overseas sightseeing, cruises, destination travels, studying abroad, everyday trips and other adventures!


Click Here to take a look at the Travel Log Fast2Fab™ Pages. NOTE: if you're having troubles viewing this link, copy and paste the link into a browser OTHER THAN CHROME (i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox).

Travel Log Fast2Fab™ 12x12 Bundle

Artikelnummer: 657241
97,50 €Preis
  • ◾ Pre-assembled 12x12 Fast2Fab™ scrapook made of Black Forest bookcloth with a beautiful map design

    ◾ 16 Travel Log preprinted, double-sided pages with travel-themed designs infused with planes, compasses, maps and more

    ◾ 16 Page Protectors

    ◾ Travel Log Pocket Embellishments (10 paper pockets in five unique sizes) that you can fill with ticket stubs, travel receipts and other souvenirs

    ◾ Tape Runner

    ◾ Black Dual-Tip Pen

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