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Showcase your memorable moments and photos with Memorabilia Pockets! These handy scrapbooking pockets for memorabilia include 10 pockets in three sizes – 2x2, 4x2 and 4x3.5 – and because they’re transparent, the pockets allow you to see small notes, special messages, coins, stamps, pet tags, military tags, medals, badges and more after you slide them inside. Use the adhesive strip to easily attach them to your pages or album binding and rest easy knowing your memorabilia is stored in a safe place.

Memorabilia Pockets

Artikelnummer: 657374
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  • ◾ncludes 10 pockets total in three sizes (four 2x2 pockets, three 4x2 pockets and three 4x3.5 pockets)

    ◾ Transparent so you can clearly see what you place inside

    ◾ Built-in adhesive strip makes it easy to attach them to your pages or album binding

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