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Add perfect prose to any project with the 12-inch Trimmer Victorian Blade! Like the folds of the train on a duchess’s dress, the unique silhouette of this Victorian trimmer blade suits even the most civilized of spreads. You’ll cut with confidence, as it’s good for up to 1,500 of them and works beautifully for creating crisp, clean borders, mats, trendy trimmed photos and more. Designed for use with the 12-inch Trimmer (not included). Comes with a 90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects.

12-inch Trimmer Victorian Blade

Artikelnummer: 657452
10,75 €Preis
  • ◾1 Victorian Blade Cartridge

    ◾Steel circular blade

    ◾Good for 1,500 cuts


    ◾Safety casing ensures the blade is not exposed until it is placed into the blade housing and pressed down to initiate

    ◾Designed for use with the 12-inch Trimmer (sold separately)

    ◾Creates a wavy cut on all Creative Memories® cardstock and papers

    ◾90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects

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