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Go for the ultimate score with the 12-inch Trimmer Scoring Blade! This interchangeable blade cassette features a durable circular blade that scores paper and cardstock so you can easily fold them for cards or paper crafts – and it’s good for up to 1,500 scores per cassette! The blade is encased in a safety cover so edges are never exposed until it's placed in the blade housing and pressed down to initiate contact. It's never been easier to score paper for all your cards and crafts! Designed for use with the 12-inch Trimmer (sold separately). Comes with a 90-day guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

12-inch Trimmer Scoring Blade

Artikelnummer: 657086
10,75 €Preis
  • ◾1 Scoring Blade

    ◾Steel circular blade for thousands of scores

    ◾Good for 1,500 scores


    ◾Safety casing ensures the scoring blade is not exposed until it is placed into the blade housing and pressed down to initiate

    ◾Designed for use with the 12-inch Trimmer (sold separately)

    ◾Create a clean smooth score on all our cardstock and papers
    ◾90-day guarantee against manufacturing defects

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